28th November 2015


Madam Wu & Elise Graham, Blue Royal, Waza, Otherside, and Mumbles plus Live art
by Squid and Hamish
@ The Gaelic Club, Surry Hills


24th October 2015


Swamp Fat Jangles
Future Love Hangover



Images courtesy Geoffrey Goodes & Onur Ka

Photos by Mighty Ash

Thanks to all the spaceheads who turned out for an absolutely collossal night.

Tunes: Swamp Fat JanglesMaenNarlaSpectaclesFuture Love Hangover

Live art: Holly-Gillian Jonesdead_mothCorey Van HeseAlex Latham  (plus Geoffrey Goodes our roving single-line portrait artist who's still spacewalking from Spaceport One!)

Food: Annie Smoker & Onur's Bacon Emporium

Dranks: Cosmos Rock Lounge & The Green Fairy's Absinthe Bar

Time for a mini-recap.

Swamp Fat Jangles: moody groovy banjo choons, perfect to chill and swoon to.    

Maen: Passionate jazz and raps, tears and rage on stage celebrating Lucky's life, ending with upended wine and baseball bat, shattered plastic synthesiser keys.

Narla: Tore us all a new one, and filled the space with huge drums, vox and riffs.

Spectacles: Can't write about my own band without sounding like a wanker.

Future Love Hangover:  Completed our launch into future galaxies.  

Highlights for me:

  • impromptu ornate absinthe bar staffed by a green fairy
  • shattered synth in tribute to a life
  • "baby ate my dingo" a piece from Alex Latham

    If you have more images or love to share, jump in the Spaceport 2 group or email me: dacarter [AT] gmail.com

    Much love.


19th September 2015


Mighty Ash (with live band!), Dawn Laird, Jah Tung, Flip the Script, and DJ Cost plus live art from Mikoen!
@ The Gaelic Club, Surry Hills



27th June 2015


Cooking with Caustic, Lord St Collective, Relevent, Deepsea Lights & DJ Helix @
Gaelic Club, Surry Hills



4th July 2015


The Double Shadows, Spectacles, Bones Jones and the Skeletones, Little Hart


by Snappatronik

10th April 2015 Relaunch Night

Line up

El' Jistos
Yum Yum
Sarah Connor
Two Toes

Y.Etti doing live art.  

This show was a mix of new and old, nostalgia and future! We resurrected Spaceport in a new way. To kick off our new night we convinced Blue Mountains supergroup Two Toes to come out of retirement (Joe New on the raps, Caustic Yoda on percussion, Waza strumming the bass, and DJ Cost on the cuts). They had done one show only in the last 6 years and I was so impressed that I HAD to have them on the first Spaceport. Joe New's raps were so fire we literally set off the fire alarm! Those poor fireys were so confused!

Next on the list, Sarah Connor was a no brainer! She just won the Hilltop Hoods initiative and this chick has the raps that cut hard to the core. A strong female that speaks her mind and an exceptional lyricist and rapper to boot. 

Yum Yum we love- a curve ball in a hip hop night, but her sultry voice over a mix of soulful beats really won over the crowd. 

Who could we get to support that could really hold his own against such a strong line up? I met El' Jistos at that Two Toes show I described earlier. He proposed to be their biggest fan and he was a young gun with boundless enthusiasm. I knew he could jump at the chance to support one of his favourite groups and he did the job getting the crowd hyped. 

And don't forget Jimmy New was spinning tunes all night so there was never a dull moment!