24th October 2015


Swamp Fat Jangles
Future Love Hangover



Images courtesy Geoffrey Goodes & Onur Ka

Photos by Mighty Ash

Thanks to all the spaceheads who turned out for an absolutely collossal night.

Tunes: Swamp Fat JanglesMaenNarlaSpectaclesFuture Love Hangover

Live art: Holly-Gillian Jonesdead_mothCorey Van HeseAlex Latham  (plus Geoffrey Goodes our roving single-line portrait artist who's still spacewalking from Spaceport One!)

Food: Annie Smoker & Onur's Bacon Emporium

Dranks: Cosmos Rock Lounge & The Green Fairy's Absinthe Bar

Time for a mini-recap.

Swamp Fat Jangles: moody groovy banjo choons, perfect to chill and swoon to.    

Maen: Passionate jazz and raps, tears and rage on stage celebrating Lucky's life, ending with upended wine and baseball bat, shattered plastic synthesiser keys.

Narla: Tore us all a new one, and filled the space with huge drums, vox and riffs.

Spectacles: Can't write about my own band without sounding like a wanker.

Future Love Hangover:  Completed our launch into future galaxies.  

Highlights for me:

  • impromptu ornate absinthe bar staffed by a green fairy
  • shattered synth in tribute to a life
  • "baby ate my dingo" a piece from Alex Latham

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    Much love.